Sellers Spotlight #3: Gareth Lloyd Art by Ayla Paul

Welcome to the next edition of Sellers Spotlight! In this third edition we asked Gareth Lloyd from Gareth lloyd Art how he started his art, his Etsy shop and what his creative process is. We hope enjoy to get to know Gareth, and don’t forget to have look at his Etsy shop and other social media channels.

NAME: Gareth Lloyd


ETSY SHOP: Gareth Lloyd Art

Gareth out in the wild

Gareth out in the wild

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: I am a wildlife and botanical artist based in Oxford, but I am originally from Northampton. My work is led by my love of the natural world and our connection with it. I have always adored animals, and it is my hope that my drawings and paintings inspire others to see the joy that lies within the flora and fauna of this weird and wonderful planet. I predominantly work in pencil and paint, with some of my drawings occasionally being mistaken for photographs. I have always drawn for as long as I can remember, but my passion truly flourished whilst serving in the armed forces, and I owe many thanks to my peers at the time for encouraging me to follow my artistic goals.

One of Gareth’s amazing works, a drawing of a Jade plant. Available  here .

One of Gareth’s amazing works, a drawing of a Jade plant. Available here.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED ON ETSY: I discovered Etsy some years ago, and as I am sure is a common story, I set up a shop and did nothing with it for some time. Whether it was fear of not achieving any sales or just generally not feeling good enough, something stopped me adding any products for almost 3 years! If I could go back and tell my younger self to just do it, I would! Not only has Etsy been a great avenue for sales and exposure, it has also led me to some great friendships and a wonderful bunch of super talented people too!

Gareth’s beautiful fox. Prints are available in his Etsy shop  here .

Gareth’s beautiful fox. Prints are available in his Etsy shop here.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR DESIGN/MAKING PROCESS: My process usually starts with how I am feeling. A lot of the time my artwork is inspired by my emotions and thoughts. For me drawing and painting is extremely meditative, I leave all my baggage on the canvas. Detail is key for me, I like to push for realism and I really enjoy the process. I also try to be as eco friendly as possible within my work, as well as my packaging, which is now totally plastic free.

The detail on this Sudan rhino is stunning. Available in his shop  here .

The detail on this Sudan rhino is stunning. Available in his shop here.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF IN RUNNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS?: For me, there is a little pride nugget in every sale I make. Running a business isn’t easy at all, I especially struggle with the day to day stuff like accounting and finances, so finding the courage to tackle those hurdles also makes me feel proud. My advice to anyone would be don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Who doesn’t like a Puffin! Also available in his shop  here !

Who doesn’t like a Puffin! Also available in his shop here!

WHEN AND WHY DID YOU JOIN OUR OXFORD ETSY TEAM?: I joined the Oxford Etsy team about a year ago, having a team behind you and knowing they are there to call on if you’re stuck is a great feeling. Everyone is so helpful and encouraging and always willing to offer advice and knowledge.

Gareth with his Zebra. Prints also available in his shop  here .

Gareth with his Zebra. Prints also available in his shop here.

For me a stand out seller is Jjillustrates, her positive attitude on instagram is infectious and her products are always made with passion and skill. She is also a fantastic designer and actually made my shop logo for me!

Gareth’s beautiful elephant which he made with just pencil, is  available in A2 and A3 size!

Gareth’s beautiful elephant which he made with just pencil, is available in A2 and A3 size!

More ways to find more about Gareth Lloyd Art:

FACEBOOK: gareth lloyd art

INSTAGRAM: @garethlloydart

Sellers Spotlight #2: Felt Collage by Ayla Paul

NAME: Tanya Robinson

LOCATION: Abingdon, Oxfordshire 

ETSY SHOP: Felt collage



I am Tanya Robinson, the proud owner of the Felt Collage Etsy Shop. I am a fibre artist, stylist and maker, and I grew up in Ukraine.

I grew up with the smell of the river, days spent under the blossom of cherry trees, soaking the sun and enjoying nature. I watched my mother making knitted chunky sweaters for cold winters and my aunt working from home as a seamstress.

Over half of my life I lived in the vibrant, capital city of Kyiv, Ukraine and recently I resettled to the much smaller town of Abingdon in the UK.

I am passionate about raw wool, natural plant dyes and fibre textures. I source and forage materials locally and I enjoy using the process of wet felting to create one-of-a-kind bespoke accessories and home decor that tell a story. 

Tanya preparing the felting process

Tanya preparing the felting process



I was making my first products for a couple of years, experimenting with merino wool and discovering my own style. I taught some wet felting to small group in workshops at a local craft shop when I first discovered Etsy as a platform. Until that point all my sales had been through personal contacts and referrals. I was a bit nervous at first about the idea of having my “own shop”, but I gave it a try.

 I loved the amazing diversity on offer through Etsy and felt it could be a great opportunity for me to have my products seen by others.

At that point I was really young as an artist and needed my customers appreciation and feedback as much as they needed the work I created.  Since that time I’ve found that I love the connections that are formed and the feeling that my bespoke items are being sent to good homes.

Succulent plant holder made by Felt Collage, available  here .

Succulent plant holder made by Felt Collage, available here.



I’m inspired by the quote from Beth Kempton in her book Wabi Sabi... “It’s our imperfections that make us unique, and our uniqueness that makes each of us beautiful.”

My design ideas start with observing nature, people, objects and noticing colours and textures all around me. I love walking in nature reserves and parks, being near the river or just getting lost in the old streets and galleries of Oxford. All of this fuels my imagination and enlarges and recharges me as a person. 

I also find that the tactile process of playing with different fibres, laying, sorting and appreciating the beauty of it works miracles for me. I need space, time, and a calm atmosphere to be able to create wet felted pieces. I guard this creative making time carefully and pretty much every time good things come.

Dream catcher by Felt Collage, available  here .

Dream catcher by Felt Collage, available here.


I am so proud to know that my customers live all over the world. I have sent my creations to New Zealand, Hungary, USA and Germany. I love to see who we all are connected through our similar stories, and it’s fun to imagine what my scarf or other felted piece might be doing on a given day in a new home... and what new stories they’d be able to tell.

I love experimenting with natural dyes and moving forward with new design ideas in the quieter seasons of life. I find it’s a lot about being focused to pursue even the smallest creative inkling you might have.

Silk scarves by Felt Collage, available here.



 I joined the Oxford Etsy team to participate in the Abingdon Pop-up shop a couple years ago. I was so thrilled to discover other makers, especially ones who lived in this area. Being a maker and working in my home studio can sometimes feel quite isolated. It’s good to be able to connect and meet new people and find your own community. It is always so inspiring to go to Oxford Etsy Meet-ups. I love the energy of them and plan to continue visiting them. 

Woodland garlands by Felt Collage. Available  here .

Woodland garlands by Felt Collage. Available here.


My favourite Etsy shop is SilverQuillCo by Victoria Munday. I like her simplicity and botanical design illustrations. This Etsy shop has lovely cards for all occasions. All the products there are very earth-friendly.

Eucalyptus print by Silver Quill Co. Available  here .

Eucalyptus print by Silver Quill Co. Available here.

Sellers Spotlight #1 by Ayla Paul

Welcome to our first post in our new series of ‘Sellers Spotlight’ where we will invite a member of our Oxford Etsy Team to tell us more about themselves, their work and design process and what they are most proud of as a small business owner. We will run this series every last Friday of the month. This month we kick off with Karen from Mrs B Designs!



ETSY SHOP: Mrs B Designs Ltd



I’m a lover of all things creative, even as a young girl I spent my pocket money on felt pens, glue and card, I’m still a stationery addict. I am Yorkshire girl living ‘down south’. I’m very proud of my roots, but left home to do a BA in Fashion & Textiles and then moved to London, to start what was a highly successful career as a buyer.

About 5 years ago I took a year out, had a rethink and decided to put my creative energies into a new business, I got married at the same time and Mrs B was born. I gained a great work life balance and a lovely step daughter.

Most of all I like a laugh and want to make products that make you smile!

My current obsessions are vegan food, why our pet rabbit Jennie is making little squeaking noises, and when it is a good time to get a dog? Oh and dreaming about when I can retire!

Dachshund cushion  by Mrs B Designs

Dachshund cushion by Mrs B Designs


Purely by chance! I found Christina O’Hare on Facebook, through a post about a pop-up shop in Abingdon. In order to sell in the pop-up, I needed to be on Etsy, Christina encouraged me to do it and I joined the Oxford Etsy Team, the rest is history! I started with 4 listings, I now have 62 listings (just about to add more), 361 sales and 66 five-star reviews!

Notebook  by Mrs B Designs

Notebook by Mrs B Designs


I’m an animal and slogan lover, so my designs revolve around these topics. My favourite artist is Matisse and in my final degree year I worked on his ‘cut out’ era as one of my themes, I still work like this today, except if I’m working on slogans, then I use my iPad!

When I have a collection of designs ready, I head off to the printers, where my designs are plotted onto acetate and exposed onto a big screen, all ready for me to screen print at home. I’m very lucky to have an understanding husband (nicknamed ‘Ronnie I just carry’ by another Etsy team member). I screen print in “our” garden studio, sew in “our” attic room and pack orders on “our” dining table!

Karen at work screenprinting

Karen at work screenprinting


Having the courage to leave my high paid, high powered but high stress job, to start again. It’s easy to forget what we small businesses achieve every day, every week, every month, so take a few minutes to look back and be proud of what you’ve done so far.

Another one of the lovely  notebooks  from Mrs B Designs

Another one of the lovely notebooks from Mrs B Designs


OMG what a question to ask?! There are so many talents, but it must be Christina O’Hare from Christina Made It. If it wasn’t for her encouragement, support, and her no flap stay calm attitude I wouldn’t have an Etsy shop. I’ve also ordered some fabulous personalised Jewellery from her, just stunning!

 You can find Karen and her lovely work here:




ETSY: Mrs B Designs Ltd

Guest post: Gearysworld by Christina

I am not sure what I would call my art. I am self taught and throw everything at a drawing or painting to get the final effect. But this I means I will paint in acrylics, inks and watercolours to get the final outcome. I also use pen work to add detail. I think you will agree my final outcome is very vibrant colours.


I have done my best to promote on social media and researched photos, I’m not sure they are completely perfect photos but I don’t think they will put people off buying.


I am very new to Etsy, but I have a passion for drawing and painting and I hope this reflects in my work and people will want to hang it on there walls.


In recent years a lot has changed, I have been made redundant twice, one job I had been in for many years. So I decided to take some time out this year and concentrate on promoting my art, I don’t expect this to be easy!


I have had a collaboration by Wonderfunders published. This was a world war one graphic novel anthology that was my brain child. 32 people from around the world came together to produce this book. All proceeds are going to the charity War Child. The book is called Memorial The Great War Centenary, I did approximately 30 pages for this. It is available from Drivethrucomics and  Indy planet.


I Have been drawing since as far back as I can remember. I was influenced by the Sci-fi and fantasy films of the 70’s and 80’s. This is where I still get most of my inspiration from. I am hoping to transport this world of imagination into my etsy shop.



Coming from the Cotswolds I love observing the abundant wildlife around here, so I love painting animals which I also want to put into the shop. So these are two brands and I hope this does not confuse the buyer. You can be sure though that you will get some well thought out images that I hope you enjoy them for years. I do try to, in the bigger paintings hide things that you will keep discovering.

Christopher A Geary

You can find Christopher’s Etsy shop here: 

Pop Up Shop up until Christmas! by Christina

We are very excited that we are going to have our Oxford Etsy pop up shop in the Didcot Orchard Centre until Friday 21st December. And from throughout October, November & December we will be open 7 days a week. The new opening hours are:

Monday 10am- 5pm

Tuesday 10am-5pm

Wednesday 10am-5pm

Thursday 10am-5pm

Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday 11am-4pm

The shop is located in the new expansion of the Orchard Centre in Didcot - Unit 47/49, Orchard Street, Didcot, OX11 7LG.


Finalists for New Business Awards by Christina

New Business of the Year Finalists!

We are very pleased to announced that the Oxford Etsy Team was nominated for the Vale 4 Business: New Business of the Year award and were chosen as FINALISTS on March 9th at an event at the Crown & Thistle. We are up against three other local businesses in the Catergorgy:


Childrey Stores

EMFcomp Ltd

Oxford Etsy

Tap Social

This is a huge achievement for us even to have just been listed as finalists. The winners will be announced on May the 18th at the Williams F1 conference Centre, wish us luck!

You can find out more information about the Vale 4 Business award here:


Abingdon Young Farmers build the furniture for our shop by Christina

We put a call out for help on the Thursday, on the Sunday we had 10 volunteers from Abingodn Young Farmers turn up with power tools and materials ready to build us some furniture for the shop. Everything was created from pallets and scrap wood donated by the young farmers.

Building a book case


Attempting to prevent any spliters from the table

And the finished results before they head to the shop to be filled with wonderful handmade items...


If you are looking to join a social club and are aged between 10- 16 (juniors) or 16-27 (seniors) we strongly recommend the Abingdon Young Farmers Club - you dont have to be a farmer to be in Young Farmers. For more details visit;

Pop-up Shop coming to Abingdon! by Christina

Something exciting is coming to Abingdon!! From Saturday 4th November - Sunday 17th December Bury Street will have it’s very own, first ever, Oxford Etsy Team pop-up shop! We are soooo excited, follow our progress as we attempt to create an entire shop in just 18 days [for enquiries email:]



POP UP SHOP flyer2(1) edit.jpg