Guest post: Gearysworld / by Christina

I am not sure what I would call my art. I am self taught and throw everything at a drawing or painting to get the final effect. But this I means I will paint in acrylics, inks and watercolours to get the final outcome. I also use pen work to add detail. I think you will agree my final outcome is very vibrant colours.


I have done my best to promote on social media and researched photos, I’m not sure they are completely perfect photos but I don’t think they will put people off buying.


I am very new to Etsy, but I have a passion for drawing and painting and I hope this reflects in my work and people will want to hang it on there walls.


In recent years a lot has changed, I have been made redundant twice, one job I had been in for many years. So I decided to take some time out this year and concentrate on promoting my art, I don’t expect this to be easy!


I have had a collaboration by Wonderfunders published. This was a world war one graphic novel anthology that was my brain child. 32 people from around the world came together to produce this book. All proceeds are going to the charity War Child. The book is called Memorial The Great War Centenary, I did approximately 30 pages for this. It is available from Drivethrucomics and  Indy planet.


I Have been drawing since as far back as I can remember. I was influenced by the Sci-fi and fantasy films of the 70’s and 80’s. This is where I still get most of my inspiration from. I am hoping to transport this world of imagination into my etsy shop.



Coming from the Cotswolds I love observing the abundant wildlife around here, so I love painting animals which I also want to put into the shop. So these are two brands and I hope this does not confuse the buyer. You can be sure though that you will get some well thought out images that I hope you enjoy them for years. I do try to, in the bigger paintings hide things that you will keep discovering.

Christopher A Geary

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